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How to Find a Dentist You Can Trust

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Finding a trustworthy dentist is crucial for maintaining oral health and receiving the best care. Whether you’ve moved to a new area or are simply looking to switch providers, knowing what to look for can make all the difference. If you’re searching for a dentist in Lawton, OK, Montgomery Family Dental, led by Dr. Andrea M. Montgomery and Dr. Patrick R. Montgomery, offers exemplary service and patient care. Here’s a guide to help you find a dentist you can trust.

Ask for Recommendations: Ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Personal referrals are often the best way to find a dentist who provides quality care. When someone you trust has had a positive experience with a dentist, it’s a good indication that you might, too.

Check Online Reviews: Online reviews can provide valuable insights into the experiences of other patients. Look for reviews on Google, Yelp, and other reputable platforms. For example, Montgomery Family Dental has glowing reviews from their patients. Lenny Mcneil shares, “As usual, my appointment was on time and very professional. I highly recommend Montgomery Family Dentistry. My family has been receiving dental care there for 10+ years and are extremely satisfied with our care and treatment.” This kind of feedback can be incredibly helpful when making your decision.

Verify Credentials: Ensure the dentist you choose has the proper credentials and is licensed to practice in your state. You can check their credentials through state dental boards or the American Dental Association. Dr. Andrea M. Montgomery and Dr. Patrick R. Montgomery are highly qualified professionals who have met all the requirements to practice dentistry.

Consider Experience: Experience matters when it comes to dental care. The more experience a dentist has, the better equipped they are to handle various dental issues. At Montgomery Family Dental, Dr. Andrea M. Montgomery and Dr. Patrick R. Montgomery bring years of experience to their practice, ensuring patients receive top-notch care.

Evaluate the Range of Services: Different dental offices offer different services. Make sure the dentist you choose offers the treatments and procedures you need. Montgomery Family Dental provides comprehensive services, from routine cleanings to complex procedures. Charlotte King notes in her review, “I have probably had one of every procedure done in these 10 years. Right when she walks in, Dr. Andrea puts me at ease when I’m tense about a procedure.”

Assess the Office Environment: A welcoming and comfortable office environment can significantly enhance your dental experience. When you visit a dental office, take note of the cleanliness, the demeanor of the staff, and the overall atmosphere. Charlotte King highlights this in her review: “Right when you come in, you are greeted by a friendly staff. That itself starts putting you at ease.”

Look for a Personal Connection: A good dentist-patient relationship is built on trust and communication. Look for a dentist who takes the time to get to know you, listens to your concerns and explains treatments in a way you can understand. Dr. Andrea M. Montgomery is known for her personable approach; as Charlotte King mentions, “She greets me by name, explains everything to me before it happens. The music plays, sometimes she sings… And she can sing.”

Evaluate Emergency Care Options: Dental emergencies can happen at any time. It’s important to know what options are available for emergency care. Check if the dental office provides emergency services or has protocols for urgent situations. Montgomery Family Dental understands the importance of being available when their patients need them most.

Consider Location and Office Hours: Convenience is critical when choosing a dentist. Ensure the dental office is located within a reasonable distance from your home or work and that their office hours fit your schedule. Montgomery Family Dental, located in Lawton, OK, offers flexible hours to accommodate patients’ needs.

Our office hours are:

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Trust Your Instincts: Finally, trust your instincts. If you feel comfortable and confident in a dentist’s care, that’s a good sign. Your dental health is essential; you deserve a dentist who makes you feel at ease and well-cared for.

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Finding a dentist you can trust is essential for maintaining good oral health. You can make an informed decision by asking for recommendations, checking reviews, verifying credentials, and considering other important factors. If you’re looking for a dentist in Lawton, OK, consider Montgomery Family Dental. Dr. Andrea M. Montgomery, Dr. Patrick R. Montgomery, and their team are dedicated to providing exceptional care. Schedule an appointment today.

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