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At Montgomery Family Dentistry in Lawton, OK, we offer the services you need to have a happy, healthy, beautiful smile. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Montgomery Preventive Dental

Preventive Care

The best way to avoid tooth decay and gum disease is to maintain good oral hygiene. Taking proper care of your teeth at home and scheduling regular visits with our dentists are the keys to a healthy mouth. Cleaning your teeth appropriately on a daily basis at home is only one part of the plan. Preventive care in our office every six months for cleaning, exams, and other screenings and treatments will ensure a lifelong healthy smile.

At Montgomery Family Dentistry, one of our highly skilled dental hygienists will clean your teeth as part of regular preventive care against decay and gum disease. The removal of tartar and plaque is necessary to help prevent gum disease, which can ineluctably lead to overall health problems. When the tartar and plaque are fully removed, the hygienist will polish your teeth to a gorgeous shine.

Periodically, digital x-rays will be a part of your regular visits. We use the latest digital dental imaging equipment to obtain optimal images that can be shared immediately with you on a computer screen.

After your cleaning and any necessary imaging, the dentist will do a full examination of your teeth and mouth, including your teeth, gums, and tongue. During this time, he or she will be visually screening for oral cancers. Any findings will be discussed with you during the visit.



In the event of a broken tooth, extensive decay, or the need for cosmetic enhancement, we may suggest a crown, also referred to as a “cap.” The crown is a covering for the existing tooth or part of a tooth that looks like a natural tooth. A mold is taken and a temporary crown is created and applied while your permanent, porcelain crown is made. A second appointment is needed to remove the temporary crown, clean the tooth thoroughly, and place the new crown. At this appointment, we will make sure your bite is aligned and that the tooth looks natural in your mouth.

Another condition that may warrant crown placement is post-root canal treatment. We do not perform root canals in our office, but we will refer you to a qualified professional.


A bridge is an appliance that is permanently affixed to the surrounding teeth to fill a space left by more than one missing tooth. It’s important to fill the gap because, left open, the surrounding teeth will move out of position and affect bite.

The process for placing a bridge will take at least two visits. The teeth that will anchor the bridge need to be prepared, a mold taken to provide to the lab to create the bridge, and a temporary bridge placed. Once the permanent bridge is received, it will be placed and adjusted. If you notice any issues or discomfort after your bridge is placed, contact our office right away.

*Note: We do not provide denture or removal bridges, but can refer you to a specialist.


Fillings are also considered a restoration because the decayed portion of tooth is removed and the space is restored with a  filling. If the tooth is in the front of the mouth, a composite – tooth colored filling – is used for aesthetics. Fillings in back teeth are amalgam because this material is longer-lasting. Our dentist prefers to use these so you don’t need replacement fillings in the near future. We want your fillings to last as long as possible!

Montgomery Cosmetic Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry

While some restorative services are also cosmetic (crowns, composite fillings, etc.) because they affect the look of your smile, we offer a few services that are just focused on aesthetics.



Call 580-536-3313 or contact us for your preventive, restorative,
or cosmetic care appointment today!

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